What Our Clients Have To Say...

I’ve always dreamed I'd have this beautiful Pinterest-worthy wedding. But with such a small budget, I doubted it could happen. I also dreamed of the day being completely stress-free for everyone involved, but since when does that happen in weddings? Well, I can safely say that Marcea helped me achieve both. Everyone who attended was astounded at how beautiful the wedding day was and everyone involved was so relaxed. She is an absolute miracle worker. She made my day perfection!

Caitlyn B., Bride

Marcea was the perfect wedding coordinator! She was very responsive, met up a few times prior to the wedding to confirm all the details we're met! I don't know what we would have done without Marcea as she made our magical night come together.

Sarah J., Bride

Marcea was an excellent choice as a coordinator. Our first meeting with her put me at ease right away. She knew the right questions to ask to get us focused. She gave great suggestions and was always willing to help with anything. We were so relieved to give her the vendor information and she dealt with them to make sure everything was being taken care of. She was a great help the day of the wedding as well, working with decorations, giving instructions, and always working to keep everything on track, quietly overseeing. Her attention to detail was amazing. She stayed until the very end, just a great help, very hands-on. We are forever grateful to Marcea. She made the wedding seamless!!

Karen A., Mother-of-the-Bride

Coming from a family where weddings are the party of the century, my wife and I had a lot to live up to when planning our wedding. Luckily we had Marcea. I was nervous about who to pick and what traits to look for, because planning a 350+ person wedding is a lot to handle, especially with someone as detail crazed as me. However, once we met Marcea, it was like planner at first sight; we knew she had it on lock. She's friendly and sweet, but incredibly sharp and knows how to get it done and get it done right. She was so keenly aware of each and every detail from each and every angle and made sure our day was OUR DAY and nothing short of it. Marcea was a dream come true. There were so many elements of our day that we didn't even know that we had to plan or where to start, and she stepped right in and walked us through the entire process. From start to finish, our experience with her was smooth, easy and an absolute blast. If something went wrong through the process she had a solution ready to be executed before we even realized there was an issue and on the day of our wedding, not a single detail was missed, nor timeline off track. My wife and I can't say enough about Marcea and the magic she performed for us. We have already suggested her to any and all of our friends who are getting ready to plan their wedding or who are recently engaged. 11 out of 10, no questions asked.

Cameron M., Groom

I really enjoyed working with Marcea. I chose her because of many things that I will dive into below, but mainly because I felt she balanced me very well. I work in events and was planning the wedding myself, but I knew I would need a rock star coordinator for day-of execution, and Marcea delivered an unbelievable wedding day for my husband and myself! We were told by dozens of people it was the best wedding they had ever been to. People would not stop talking about OUR wedding for weeks!

Professional - Marcea impressed me right away with her templates and organizational skills. My husband and I had no idea what our vision was for the ceremony and she helped lay things out so we could solidify all the details, because there are a lot of details to consider! When we booked her she instantly got all contact information for vendors, bridal party and parents to keep open and appropriate communication with all parties.

Decisive - I can be indecisive. Marcea kept me focused and on track. She knew what I wanted and she helped me keep it simple. In a world of Pinterest and outrageous wedding ideas, sometimes you need someone who will help you stay realistic and focus on what is most important to you for your wedding day, not on things you like because they are trendy now.

Creative/Connected - She had great suggestions of decor, ideas and vendors that were within our budget. She knows the industry well and was good at helping us determine our vision.

Clutch - The morning of the wedding she walked a quarter mile in heels, in the rain, and down hill to trim the stems on all the bouquets (that sounds so bridezilla of me; I promise I wasn’t in bridezilla mode, or at least I don’t think I was :)). Let’s just say she went above and beyond to make everything come together. She also did an amazing job of decorating the ceremony and turning the room for the reception. It was so beautiful!

Stayed until the job was done - She stayed all the way until the room was completely clean! She directed the service staff and clean-up crew on clean-up tasks to get things done quickly and efficiently and loaded up.

Communication - Marcea worked with my vendors on timeline so that everyone was in sync on the wedding day. She conducted the wedding rehearsal as well so that the officiant, ushers, family members and bridal party knew their part and so wedding day would flow perfectly, which it did! She also was great at dealing with my venue when there were a few scheduling hiccups and other miscommunications that the venue messed up on.

Marcea did a wonderful job and was a first class coordinator!

Lauren T., Bride

Marcea has the rare quality of professional, organized persuasion without a hint of pushiness. Whether it is a wedding, or other important event, these tend to bring out the worst of personalities. Marcea is like a breath of fresh air upon frazzled nerves, emotions, and chaos. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kim G., Mother-of-the-Groom